Director’s Course

Jacobs & Jacobs Property Management, Certified by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation is a provider for the required Condominium Director’s Course.

Sovereign & Jacobs Property Management is now offering the required course for newly elected or appointed directors. This course by a DBPR approved provider must be completed within 90 days of being elected or appointed. Jacobs’ three (3) hour course is intended to review the Florida Condominium Act and will review portions of respective Condominium Documents so directors will have far greater assurance and confidence that they can successfully meet their fiduciary obligations to the members of their Association. Jacobs will be holding scheduled courses commencing shortly after the first of the November 2010 & will also come at a convenient time for newly elected directors to their condominium and present the course. The fee for presenting this highly informative course is $35.00 per Director.

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