Community Association Management

Specializing in providing complete management service to condominium & homeowner associations.

  • On-site supervision by licensed property manager
  • 24 hour emergency service 365 days per year
  • Administrative expertise
  • Computerized Accounting Department
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Proven Track record in association management
  • Maintenance Fee Collection
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Meeting Agenda Preparation
  • Unit Owner Notification
  • Meeting Minutes Preparation
  • Competitive Bid Preparation & Analysis
  • Contractor Supervision

Association Boards have many responsibilities that require experience, sound judgment and proper evaluation! Let us show you the advantages of hiring our professional staff, whose integrity and experience will SAVE TIME and MONEY.

Community Association Management Services

The Board of Directors of a community association assumes the full responsibility for the total operation of the association and has a fiduciary responsibility to the owners and members of that association. In order to fulfill that responsibility, the board will usually engage a management team or a manager.

The Board can delegate authority responsibility but never relieve itself of the accountability. Therefore, the competency, diligence and integrity of the management team will determine the success of the Board in meeting its obligation. Sovereign & Jacobs Property Management stands ready to guide and assist the Board in all matters of management.

The continuing changes brought by the Department of Business regulation as well as the awareness of the laws and regulations. Our successful management team knows, understands and is governed by the appropriate laws, governing documents and written board policy.

Sovereign & Jacobs Property Management is uniquely qualified to bring proven solutions to the many daily challenges of association management. Our attention to detail enhances the value of your property.

We are the fastest growing association management company on the First Coast. Our reputation is second to none. Contact us and find out why.

Sovereign & Jacobs Property Management is a professional team that takes pride in offering the best in association management services.