State Application and Testing Process

Complete the 18-hour Licensing Course

Completion slips are issued upon completion of the course. You must include your completion slip with your state application.

Fill our our State Application

You can submit the application in two ways:

  1. Online – Department of Business and Professional Regulations web site
  2. Mail – Download and print the application

The application fee paid to the state is $228.00

You must submit evidence of successful completion of the required education with your application. It will take 6-8 weeks on average for the state to process and approve your application.

Check the status of your application by clicking here

Submit Fingerprints

Appointments are scheduled with the state testing vendor. Pearson VUE. This can be done online, or by calling (888) 204-6289 and then dial 6.

Schedule fingerprint Appointment Online

The fingerprinting fee is $57.25

Pass the State Exam

Before you can take your state exam, the state must approve your application for licensure.

To schedule your exam, contact Pearson VUE, the state testing vendor. They have locations throughout the state. You can make an appointment online, or by calling (888) 204-6289.

Schedule Exam Appointment Online

The exam fee paid to Pearson VUE is $27.00

The state exam is a 100 question multiple choice test with a passing score of 75%.

If you fail the exam, you make take the exam again upon submission of a reexamination application.

Summary of License Cost

  • $228.00 State Application – paid to the State of Florida
  • $57.25 Fingerprint Fee – paid to Pearson VUE
  • $275.00 Course Tuition – paid to Jacobs, Jacobs & Associates, Inc.
  • $27.00 State Exam Fee – paid to Pearson VUE
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